Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come Out And PLAY

We are gearing up to offer all sorts of fun things to make these sunny summer days even shinier!  We have started out gradually with our adult and children's classes. Sometimes we follow up a 9.30-11 adult class by ordering sushi and sitting around the table and having lunch with old friends and new friends. A girl (or guy) has gotta eat. Right? We have so enjoyed meeting new people from our very own town. We have new friends that have lived here forever and new friends that are brand new to the area. It has made us think even more about having more community offerings.

So we are putting this out there... a book club. We are going to announce the book next week and put out a date. We are going to get this awesome Mediterranean place to whip up some yummy snacks and I am going to mix up my famous Summer Cocktail.

The book, date, and time will be up on our website next week. Please join us to make new friends, or to keep your old. You know that one is silver, right? And one is gold. :) You do if you were ever in Brownies.