Wednesday, December 15, 2010

20 Thoughts To Make Your Day A Little Sweeter

1. Wake up 5 minutes earlier than usual and just stretch
2. Look in the mirror and tell yourself something you would like to hear
3. Smile at every person you see
4. Work hard enough to sweat at least for 20 minutes
5. Drink a whole lotta water
6. Take 10 long deep breaths, matching the length of your exhale to your inhale
7. Sing, sing, and then sing some more
8. Share a meal with someone
9. If you have a child, kiss them, every moment they will let you
10. Pet an animal
11. Show up somewhere. Just put your shoes on and go.
12. Read a book. Even for 10 minutes
13. Spend some time in the fresh air
14. Remind a child of the importance of being kind. Listen to yourself talk
15. Do something really nice for someone without expecting anything in return
16. Meditate
17. See the beauty in everything
18. Laugh
19. Make time for people
20. Look at the moon before you go to bed and be thankful


  1. Lovely... pet an animal... any animal? I have to go find an animal! xoxoxo Super

  2. Super! You are Super! I can't wait to see your gorgeous face and you know I love your hair. Perhaps you could pretend those curly locks are a small furry creature and give yourself a pet. ;)