Monday, May 17, 2010

PLAYing Week Two

The countdown is over. We are officially open. It's been a whirlwind. We are settling in and slowly getting the feel of everything. The past six months seem to have gone by in a flash. It seems like just yesterday that we decided to get this whole thing rolling. We would sit at Lisa's kitchen table and go over idea after idea, we traveled back and forth to New York City over and over again to go to trade shows, to do different trainings for kids and adult yoga, and to practice in different studios to continue our learning in order to share with everyone else. We spent countless hours at the Apple store in King of Prussia where they helped us with every aspect of our business, we drove all over the state picking furniture, looking at floors, deciding on all the little details of what this place would look like. I am a visual person, I had an idea in my mind, I couldn't stop until I saw it come to life. Lisa kept me on track. She wrote our business plan, worked with our contractor, researched marketing, and kept me focused when I would get distracted. That was pretty much a full time job in itself.
Now I am sitting in our store area and she is in the yoga room teaching a class, I have three dogs lying around my feet, two boys playing in and out of here, my daughter wandering around every once in a while from her dance school, and Jack Johnson singing to me and only me. It's slightly hard to believe it's all real.
We have a million ideas. Tons of things we want to do, to teach, to learn, and to share with the community. It seems like everyday we meet someone that we feel like we were meant to know.
There are kinks in our little operation too, you know. You. You know that. Like for instance we haven't quite figured our whole soft wear system yet. The company is awesome though. Mindbody. We call them all the time with some of the stupidest questions they have probably ever heard. They are so nice and so polite and so helpful. We're getting there. And of course the printer not working is an issue. I have to keep running home to print things out. That's not really all that efficient.  Maybe tomorrow it will magically work. I'm going to go ahead and put that out there. I think I have been to negative about my wonderful printer. I am going to think positive thoughts and count it working tomorrow.
Come PLAY.

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