Thursday, May 6, 2010

T Minus One And Counting

Our official open date is 5-10-10. Tomorrow night we are having our first birthday party for a little girl that did girl scout yoga with us and loved the whole dog and pony show (that's a hint). So we need to be ready to roll by 6 pm Friday night. Wow. The whirlwind of this  could be overwhelming if we let ourselves dwell on it to long.
We decided to go forth with this venture the day Lisa lost the school board election. I think it was November 5th. That would put us to exactly sixth months ago to the day. The amount of things besides opening a business that have happened in that six months is staggering. I would list them but it's to much and who needs to record that for all of eternity? Who? Not me. I'll tell you that much.
 I will tell you that yesterday our web site was completely down. Not on purpose. It didn't look good there for a couple hours. Lisa and I tried to keep a sense of humor about it and sat in the car on the way to get it fixed trying to figure out the probability of people just guessing what our schedule was, and if we really even existed. So that was fun. Fortunately that will not come to pass because we the Apple guys (who we love) were able to get it back up and running. After we hugged them in the middle of the mall I took Lisa on a surprise field trip. Really just for fun. I thought it would cheer us up. Now she has Daisy.  That happened on 5-5-10. I find that auspicious. Guess what Daisy is? I gave you a hint.
Come see us.
It's almost time for us to PLAY.

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