Friday, March 26, 2010

Construction: Day One

This is Ying again, I have my creative energy flowing so I decided to write about our PLAY day. 

I make it a point to get to know all of my “helpers”, the lawn guy, the cleaning people, the window cleaner, the pest control guy, the HVAC guy, waiters, waitresses, all of them, you get the picture.  I feel that if they know me they would not ever consider ripping me off.  After all, I have introduced myself, made eye contact and most of the time offered up some special comment about their appearance. Now I also offer up my business card and if I think they are smart, my business plan.  With the business card, also comes a free class when we open (I only do this when Ying isn’t around as she doesn’t like the free thing) .

Anyway I take especially good care of these people.  I basically become their Kraft Services for the time they are in my house.  I bake cookies, serve drinks, bring pizza home and sometimes try to unload some old kids toys on them if they have little ones.  I just unloaded a big coke machine that was in my studio to Dimitri (far right in picture). I once had a guy doing some stonework for me and I would get up early so when he got to my house at 6:30, his coffee would be ready.  I actually just like being nice.  Because nice matters.

I’m going to reel this back to our play day now.  After lunch, Amy and I went to our studio to do the dry wall layout and how this really cool Japanese Door was going to be built into the wall.  On our way,  Amy said she was thirsty and I said let’s swing through Swiss Farm and get a drink.  She was on the phone and I ordered us our drinks and a gallon of Tea Cooler and a box of cookies.  For the workers, of course.  We showed up in our PLAY clothes, camera in hand and I made them all do a photo shoot.  They loved it!  They said they never had that done before!  They are lucky I didn’t make them all do handstands. 

Tomorrow boys??


  1. Nice does matter and you're about the nicest person I ever met!

  2. I have been the recipient of Lisa's kindness....all true...Joanne

  3. i think the free thing is a great idea!