Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mom Always Said...

Don't play ball in the house and don't carry your two thousand dollar MacBook Air laptop with out a bag.

It's to bad no one listens to Mom.

Yesterday Lisa and I were at one of our favorite places, the Apple Store. We had made one appointment for two people (that being her and I) and were continuing to let the great guys at Apple help us build our website and help with our business. Today's lucky trainer was Trevor. We love Trevor. He's got a nose ring and a couple tattoos. See this is what I love about Apple, all the trainers are total computer people, but cool. I don't think if it's Apple though that they are considered "geeks." Is that right? Am I right? Are only Windows based computer know it alls the "nerds?" The Apple guys have tattoos and piercings and a couple of them can even do handstands. We know cause once our training session in the Apple store became a show and tell for yoga. So they are the cool kids, right? Anyway, they has nothing to do with anything so this is what happened...
I had my computer open on the training table and Lisa's laptop was closed and strewn amidst her pile of papers and notes that she just carries around with no order to it at all.
I picked up my computer to move it to a different table when Trevor the tattooed trainer needed me to and Lisa grabbed at her pile of rubble and DOWN went her MacBook Air. Down on the ground. Thunk. I made eye contact with Trevor. He gave me the "that musta sucked" look, and Lisa screamed.
 She said, "I hope it's not broken."
 "I'm sure it's fine," I said.
Before anyone could say another word she said, "I know! I know! It drives you crazy the way I carry this around!" Then she tried to open it. It opened but had an odd clicking noise.
"OH NO! It's making a weird noise!" she cried as we all looked to the offending corner that had dented in a little curl.
"Go get in line at the help desk," suggested Trevor.
Now I have to hand it to Lisy at this point. In the past I have seen an 'incident' occur with her and all hell breaks loose. Lately a new calm has surrounded her. She gave us one, "This is just what I need," and then went up to the help desk.

Ten minutes later:
"Can you fix it?" Lisa asked Mike the help desk guy.
"I can't fix it myself. You have to leave it here so they can replace the front panel where it is dented."
"How much is that going to cost?" she asked.
Mike didn't look at us. He kept his eyes on the computer in front of him. "About seven hundred dollars," he answered quietly.
"Forget it. I'm taking it home and fixing it myself. I have a wrench or a screwdriver or whatever that tool is called that will undent it." she said angrily.
"A jackhammer?" I asked.
No response.
Mike continued to look at the screen with a slight look of horror on his face. Then suddenly he picked it up and said, "Hold on a minute. Let me see what I can do," as he picked up her computer and scurried off through the magical Narnia door to the back of the Apple store where technical order is restored to all our gadgets.
"I think he's going to fix it," I said.
"I know. It's a good thing for him cause I was just about to start to cry to make my point," she said.
"Good plan. It seems to have worked," I said.
Mike came back. Computer fixed. A little scratched up on the corner but no more clicking noises as she opened it.
We saved seven hundred dollars today!
Then she bought a computer bag.
Lesson learned.


  1. I love my new bag/purse! I also like the dent in the side, it gives it character! Mom always knows best--

  2. lucky ladies... its because you're both hot.

  3. This is the truth. Mac techs are always cool; PC techs may or may not be, but Mac, always. Take it to the bank.

  4. I was gonna say jackhammer too!