Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Kooks, Some New Friends, And An Angel

Lisy and I went to NYC yesterday for work. Although it's hard to call it work when it's all so much fun. So  I think from now on I will say, "We went for PLAY." Cause that is really what we did.

Normally I drive to NY. I'm kind of a bitch about it too. People will say, "Let's take the train," and I narrow my eyes and shake my head and say, "No."

Yesterday we had to leave quite early. I agreed to the train. It seemed like such a good idea. We got up before the crack of dawn and hopped on there with two nice hot cups of coffee from the cute little train station shop. We sat in those four seats where we faced each other and Lisa read to me.  Then this man sat down next to me named Carlton and we chatted him up the entire time. He was an investment banker. He must of thought we were two nutcases. Sometimes we tend to give that impression but I believe he really enjoyed his time with us! He learned all sorts of new things! He didn't see that coming at all.

So we do our work PLAY and met more fun people. There was Dream the jewelry designer who we sat and talked to for quite a while and some awesome girls from Orange County that want us to take our show on the road and Kelly, the ex actress who was so engrossed reading the third book in the Twilight series at Barbounia until she just couldn't help herself from talking to us. And Fernando. I just love saying the name Fernando. Fernando is a slack line trickster. It was like plucking the golden ticket meeting him. He's going to come PLAY slack line with us soon. (Twisty, he can jump and do tricks!)

Then it was time to go. Back to Penn Station. It was around six o'clock. Lisa wanted a cocktail. I sat and ate a pretzel while I listened to her talk to more strangers and txted my friend. Then we thought our train was coming. We were wrong. It was canceled due to mechanical errors. I'll tell you what. When I'm at the airport and the plane won't leave because of that reason I get nervous. I could have cared less about that train though. I just wanted them to tape up whatever wheel fell  off and get me home.

From here it was another side show. Lisa "took control" and got us two more tickets issued to the same train that wasn't going anywhere. Next we missed the train we could have taken but never figured that out. We asked a not very nice train station worker and she informed us we would just have to wait. That was all we got from her. We were tired and confused. We were standing in the middle of Penn Station looking clueless when all of the sudden this girl appeared. "Are you going to Philadelphia?" she asked us. "Yes," I said. "Follow me," she told us. We did. We just followed right along. Across the train station down to a track on the way other side. Down the stairs and hopped on a train. Never even occurred to us to double check or ask someone else. On the way down I said, "What's your name?" She told us, "Evelyn," then she just disappeared.

I can't wait to do it again.

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