Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When Ying And Yang Don't PLAY Together

This is Lisa (Ying) guest blogger today.  I told Amy I wanted a shot at the bog and she said OK , Have at it.  So here I am to tell you all of our latest adventure (PLAY Day).  Today started off as any ordinary day- I was calling delivery people, meeting security companies, setting up internet and a phone line installation.  Amy got up, and without her computer (at the Apple store getting files transferred from her little laptop to her new big desktop) thought she had the day off.  She went to the gym.  OK – I did too- but only because I have to keep up-  Anyway, we spend the day ordering more clothes and crossing off things from my handwritten list.  This makes me happy when I cross things off.  I still do it the old-school,  with a pen and paper. 

I leave to start running children to and fro and Amy does the same and then goes to teach yoga and to get her Macbook and new desktop back. 

I have the task of the Mind Body software training.  Don’t get me wrong, this software rocks, every angle is covered.  I just don’t get it and they keep “scheduling me” for additional training.  Really, Matthew, our trainer just can’t keep me reeled in.  He uses his “key” words, like “great you just scheduled your first class!”  Seriously Matt, I need you to do this for me.  In my mind, I am trying to figure out how to get him to just do this for me.   Come on Matt, get me up and running!  At one point I engage Matt to tell me where he is from, he say’s Cherry Hill, NJ.  I log that into memory.  A little later I tell him he needs to come do yoga with us (he is in teacher training right now)  he says I’d love to.  Log that too.  He also says his mother who is 75 misses him.  Roger that, Matt!

As we end the session, Matt says, "Hmm... we are a bit behind, we need to schedule another training session or two." I say, "Great but wait- how about I fly you out here to see your mom and you just do this for us."- I was just kidding.  He says, "Wait a minute, "and puts me on hold.  Gets back on a few minutes later and says he has some “vacation” time and will let me know. I am so happy! I got Matt to fly out here and do this and am proud at the end of a long day.

I call Amy and tell her this story,  she says “I should have paid more attention”.  I say “Why?” she says “because Howard (our accountant) isn’t going to like this.” I  say, guess what I found?  some “miscellaneous expenses” we haven’t used yet.    I can see her saying “Oh my God” and she walked onto the Apple store to do handstands with Trevor and the Genius gang!


  1. Oh my God. I'm praying Matt comes and he can see in person when you throw a little tiny fit when you don't understand something. I know he has heard me call you a "spaz" over our conference calls more than once. Poor Matt. He thinks he's just getting a free plane ticket for a couple hours of work. I hope he knows how to put together cubbies, and is handy with electrical. I want to get our moneys worth!

  2. Who gave Lisa keys to the car? She drove it right over to the bog, despite the fog (like in Amy's mind). Good job Lisa. Most of this makes sense and I was able to piece together the parts that were confusing. I have good training with that sort of thing - trying to understand Amy and all.

  3. I am looking forward to Having Yoga so near by once again. If your website is any indication of What's in store for us here in East Goshen, then How LUcky we are. A new Bright light like what you have to offer is just what we need here and NOW as the Crocus have now sprung, and the Sun it now shines, bringing us all out from our Winter Slumber and Back into the world to share once again in community, and to share how we've grown during our Hibernation.

    Having Practiced at Nectar, I believe we shared and created some wonderful energy in that space, and although I was sorry to see it go, I am happy to see the beautiful practice of Yoga return there, with the wonderful addition of Art. I'm sure it will be a Wonderful space to practice once again, Especially with the spirit of Children as an integral theme. (THe only thing your missing would be Doga....)
    But who knows?

    I wish you much success and I look very much forward to Watching your Passion take hold and grow here.

  4. Thank you so much Gloria. We look forward to PLAYing with you. :)