Monday, March 8, 2010

Distracted And Overbearing

Lisa and I continue on our mission of opening up the most innovative Art/Yoga studio there is. We have lots (millions) of plans in the works. All my life one of my most favorite things to say has been, "I've got the best idea," and to see who I could rope into my plan, whether it be trying to get tickets to see Shaggy on New Years Eve in Jamaica or jumping out of an airplane or picking up our entire lives and moving across the country. Sometimes my plans worked, sometimes they didn't. In Lisa I have found the perfect partner. She loves the follow through of one of my plans. All I really have to do is think it sometimes and she's right there with her pen (don't give her a pencil, she'll yell at you) and paper, takin' notes and makin' calls. She doesn't take no for an answer and she will push through until it has gone her way. It's the most fun.

Most of our business is geared towards children. We want to give them a place to go and be creative and stretch their minds and their bodies. We want them to be able to express themselves and feel good about that. We found this line of toys out of San Francisco called Kimochi's. They are really cute stuffed animals all built around feelings with one of the concepts being how to get children to recognize, acknowledge and understand their feelings better. When we first found them Lisa was so happy I think she started clapping. She can't wait to build a whole yoga class around them for... "the cheeellldren."

There are about five different characters right now and they all have different "personalities." There is "Cloud," he is unpredictable, angry on day, happy the next. There is a bumblebee, "Bug," who is thoughtful but cautious. There is "Lovey Dove" ( a dove) who is caring and helpful but worried a lot and "Cat," who is most persuasive and can be bossy and then there is "Huggtopus," a octopus who is all smiles and happy but can be overbearing at times.

Lisa has deemed herself, "Huggtopus," when she is not wearing her skull cap and making  you refer to her as her sanskrit name Sarat Shakti (or something like that) I think she wants to be called Huggtopus.

"I'm overbearing!" she says to me.
"Why yes you are," I agree.
"No, like the Kimochi, Huggtopus, that's me, overbearing. Have you seen the way it bounces around all the time?" she asked me a couple days ago.
"Not yet," I answered as this was before I had seen the website.
"Well check it out. I am totally Huggtopus." she said so proudly it made me smile.
"Who am I?" I asked.
"I don't think there is an ADD character yet," she said.
"Well maybe they could make one."
"Yes, then we could be Distracted and Overbearing," she laughed.
"I want t shirts made."

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  1. I'm soooo VERY inspired! You know I was right there with you with the plane jumping out of thing:)

    Now if only I could actually UNdo 20 years of running with zero stretching with this yoga stuff and comfortably touch my toes I'd be right there with you. Let me know when you are ready for your Miami franchise. I WILL touch my toes at some point.

    YOU ROCK mycyberfriendamy!