Monday, March 8, 2010

My Lover

Lisa and I were back in NYC for the gift show a couple weeks ago. The International Gift Show is one of those things that everyone wishes they could go to. We had some requests to go with us but we had to say no because it actually is a lot of work. It's a ton of vendors and a ton of choices and a ton of thinking and walking around. It is fun but it is also very draining.

After the first day we were there we headed over to my brother's apartment. He generously lets us stay there whenever we come to town. Besides partnering with Lisa another thing I would highly suggest is to get yourself with a brother that lives in New York City. It was one of my favorite parts of my life. He didn't even get mad when we got pink eye all over his apartment. Anyway, we all know that Mark is gay. Keep that in mind for later in the story.

So Lisa and I hang out with him for a while. We try to get him to come out to dinner with us but he is sick and needs to get some work done so Lisa and I bundle ourselves up and head up a couple blocks to the very yummy restaurant Barbounia.

We sit at the tall tables by the bar even though our favorite bartender is working. We need to review stuff and plan for the next day and we are tired. Usually we fancy ourselves good entertainment for him but tonight we just want to eat and go home. After we were done eating Fernando the bartender comes over to talk to us. Just so you know, Fernando looks very similar to Johnny Depp except he is about 6'3 and very thin and wears these thick black rimmed Raybans.
"We're going to leave soon Fernando, we're tired," I say.
"Oh don't leave yet. My lover is coming in, I want to introduce you," he replies
Now before I can even open my mouth Lisa exclaims, "Oh, HE is?"
Wait, did she just call him gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just, he isn't.
Fernando just smiles. "It's a she not a he, but don't worry about it, it's no big deal," he says.
At this point a little chuckle would have been sufficient but this is Lisa we are talking about. A little chuckle is not in her repertoire. She wants to explain herself now. I just lean back and start to enjoy the show.
"Well, oh my goodness. Of course it's not a man. I knew that. It's just, it's just, well see we were just at Amy's brothers apartment and he's gay and we were talking about gay men and boyfriends. Of course I know you're not gay it's just  I've got gay on the brain," she sputters out.
Gay on the brain?
Good one Lisy.
That explains it.
Do you get it?

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