Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back In New York

We get to be in New York again for another training. One of the things we are really excited about offering is called Circus Yoga. Circus Yoga is a class that includes all sorts of different circus games and tricks and props. Like juggling and the devil sticks. It has a lot to do with balance, concentration, dexterity, and a big sense of community because a lot of the class entails learning new tricks and skills and teaching them to your friends. So that's why we're here. That and to go to Barbounia.

Speaking of Barbounia, we got here yesterday, a day early because Lisa needed some time to go to Canal street and stock up on fake sunglasses. We have a little tradition of going to Balthazaar before or after Canal St. Balthazaar is a french restaurant in Soho. One time when we were there we saw Bebe Neuwirth scarf down a steak, fries, and a huge bowl of ice cream. We were delighted by that. No Bebe yesterday but  as we were sitting at the bar Lisa started talking to a man. Somehow they get on the subject of Barbounia and this man totally dis's it. He tells Lisa it is "touristy." Utter nonsense. He says if you live in New York you go to more underground places. I chime in and tell him my brother (the one the sun shines for) has lived in the city for 25 years and he loves going there. Then I am annoyed with this man. I turn my back and start talking to someone else. Lisa being the easy going soul she is just continues talking to the Barbounia hating man and lays out our business idea. As she hands him our card I hear him gushing about it. I decide to like him again.

Turns out he is a hedge fund guy. He lays out step by step what we should do and how to go about it to make PLAY huge. I'm starting to love him. Meanwhile the rest of the bar joins in our conversation. An adorable couple from San Francisco and a cute New Yorker that also works in Finance. She got interested when she heard we had a blog. She said, "I love blogs. My company blocks us from Facebook and MySpace on the computer so I read blogs." I gave her my card hoping to get a new reader.

We finished up our afternoon getting the sunglasses and then with one cocktail in the Soho Grand Hotel, which I highly recommend cause it's really cool. We were walking up the stairs to the lounge and I said to Lisa, "This is what we should do with the entranceway!" She looked down at the stairs I was talking about. They were under lit with these totally cool circles covered by some sort of resin or glass or something and said, "Yeah, that wouldn't cost to much."

Maybe for our next PLAY. Right Lisy?

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  1. Get me a pair of fake sunglasses please!!! white christian dior aviators?? possibly... i'm just saying